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Evolve the capital projects industry through sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery, and performance.

8th Annual LinCP Forum

Thank you to all those who attended our biggest event of the year! 

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June 07, 2016 4:45 PM (CDT) • San Antonio International Airport, 9800 Airport Blvd, SATX
June 09, 2016 11:30 AM (CDT) • Houston Racquet Club, 10709 Memorial Dr Houston, TX 77024

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Rob Roy Parnell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Texas State University System“We are in the midst of a technology change. We need to change the way we communicate with each other about project outcomes . We deal with a very fragmented process; everybody has a silo of interest, and nobody wants to let others through that barrier. As a collaborative group, I‑LinCP can do so many things that don’t require an equity investment. You simply agree that you will do things in a way that serves the project outcome. When all the parties are involved early in a project – including the subcontractors – and everyone is on equal footing, you increase the odds of a positive outcome when the project is delivered.

I joined the I-LinCP board to help spread the word throughout Texas that our thought processes are evolving. This is a group that embraces new ideas.

All of us – owners, architects, contractors, subcontractors – are like concrete. Separately, the pieces have certain strengths, but when you put that recipe together, you have a much stronger material. So, moving forward together, we can have much more favorable outcomes.

Knowledge is power, and what you find with I-LinCP is a collaborative group of extremely smart people with a lot of experience. If they see you are in a bad situation, they will be more than happy to say, ‘We have been there; we understand. Let’s look at how we can better deliver successful projects.’

Every dollar being used on a project had better yield as much as it possibly can. There is no room for a bad story. When you walk into a LinCP Forum, there are no stupid questions; no one is better than another. We maintain an open-mindedness, 

because we all understand that if we don’t listen, absorb, and identify a new way to work together, then we will continue to experience some of the failures we have had in the past. We just can’t afford that any longer.”

-Rob Roy Parnell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Texas State University System

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I-LinCP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
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