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An I-LinCP Annual Forum

We are all looking forward to getting these "weird" months behind us and it’s a great time to re-evaluate ourselves, our careers, our workplace, and organizations! 

You may have added some new skills to your repertoire, or honed some old ones. You may see where our design and construction industry can make some improvements.  There is a new energy in the air as we move beyond anxiety or fears that have blocked us or our organizations in the past. Now is the time to reinvent and evolve into a newer, better version of US.

Join us at the I-LinCP Women’s Forum: Reinvention Evolution



Members:  $175, Non-Members: $200, Government/Non-Profit: $125



This unique Forum provides a venue to engage everyone from executives to those just beginning their careers with active, hands-on sessions and vibrant networking with the best and brightest in the A/E/C industry. In our usual I-LinCP Forum style, Keynotes become table participants and table participants become presenters, encouraging participants to assimilate what they are learning. Join local, state and national leaders and subject matter experts as we candidly explore and address the issues affecting women in our industry .

This Forum provides a venue to openly discuss issues affecting women in our industry and ideas and strategies to address those issues.

Friday, January 28, 2022

LOCATION: Embassy Suites, San Marcos Convention Center, San Marcos, Texas



Keynote presentations | Presentations and Panel discussion(s) with women and men in our industry: architecture, engineering, construction, facility Owners, educators, agency leaders| Facilitated discussions and open discussion with your peers and subject experts | Workshops to gain actionable information | Take-aways and resources to assist in positive change

You will come away with ideas you can implement for yourself,  your organization, and our industry to build a robust and fulfilling future that includes a diverse and supportive culture.


    The Power of Self Investment

    Knowing What You Don't Know: Embracing vulnerability, taking risks and finding your voice through your career.

    Energetic Happenstance

    The Power of V-4:  How We Communicate Our Value, Vision, Voice + Vulnerability in a New Era

    WORLD CAFE:  Examining ourselves through guided round-table discussions.

     ...AND MORE!


    Aly Walters, PHR

    Manager, Talent Strategy

    Satterfield & Pontikes Construction

    Aly Walters, PHR is the Manager of Talent Strategy at Satterfield & Pontikes Construction with over ten years of experience in strategic workforce management and organization design. She is passionate about empowering employees to feel confident in taking ownership of their career development, helping dynamic teams function effectively to achieve goals, and strategizing with organization leadership to anticipate and meet the needs of a rapidly evolving workforce. She firmly believes that if the business takes care of people, people will take care of business.

    In addition to her years of experience, Aly has a master’s degree in Organization Development & Change from Penn State University, a master’s certificate in Human Resources Management from Cornell University, and a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development from Texas A&M University.

    "The Power of Self-Investment"

    There’s an adage that says, “you show others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.” When it comes to women investing in themselves, this couldn’t be more true, on the aggregate. Lack of self-investment can diminish self-confidence, which has a ripple effect across our personal and professional lives.

    It is also said that “self-care is the biggest middle finger of them all”; and that “the golden rule of self-care is to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.”

    If we want to see more women leaders in all industries, including the AEC industry; if we want to see equal pay for equal work; if we want to put an end to burnout, we need to not only demand investment from others but demand investment in ourselves, from ourselves.

    This discussion will weave research and anecdotes to explore the connection between true self-care and the confidence “crisis”, and how small, simple shifts can change the way you live your life and play the game.


    Attendees will walk away with clear calls to action around self-investment. They will gain clarity around common ways women do not invest in themselves and steps they can take to right that behavior. Primary steps include:

    • Stop asking for permission
    • Setting boundaries (and owning them)
    • Check your self-talk and self-perception
    • Know your purpose and your people

    Dr. Christi Monk

    Workplace Leadership Institute

    Dr. Monk positively impacts and influences the lives of those she meets. Dr. Monk is passionate about training women how to amplify their influence, communicate confidently and lead out loud without compromising who they are.  She is the founder of  The Bold Moves Experience, The Confidence Suite. Dr. Monk trains women how to use their core value system so they are more influential, affective, confident and productive contributors in the workplace and their communities.  By focusing on the core values system and regaining confidence, women are equipped to make the bold moves necessary to improve their career choices, communication style, interpersonal skills, and social skills all of which result in personal satisfaction. Dr. Christi’s mission in life is to teach women how to Be The Voice and Not The Echo.

    When women work with Dr. Christi they learn how to S.T.A.Y. true to who they are.  This means, they Stand in their power unapologetically, Take control of their thoughts and actions, Assess whose help they need and Yield to their authenticity. Dr. Monk is a Doctor of Management. Her published work is entitled Workplace Bullying – In Search of a Clearer Definition.   She is also certified in Workplace Bullying, Workplace Mediation, Brain-based Coaching, Change Management and Life Purpose Coaching.

    "Leading from the Center of Resilience and Empowerment (C.O.R.E)"

    Dr. Christi believes our core values system is the key ingredient to career fulfillment and employee retention. After quitting her job two years ago, she developed four strategies to train individuals on the importance of their authenticity and how to align themselves using their core values to become influential contributors in their work environments regardless of title or position.


    • Discuss how your belief system shapes who you have become
    • Gain clarity on the importance of the CORE values system to leverage it for success
    • Learn 4 strategies to start and finish strong in life and business


    • CORE Values Personal/Professional Mission Statement, 
    • The Influential Woman Success Wheel

    Susan Young

    Award-Winning Story + Sales Coach

    Susan Young is an award-winning communicator and speaker with 35 years of experience. Her company, Get in Front Communications, provides online programs and coaching for leaders who want to communicate with clarity and confidence so you can close more clients. A former radio news reporter, on-air anchor and publicist, Susan has interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. She also worked as Deputy Director of New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman’s Office of Radio and Television and was a PR director for a statewide nonprofit. Susan is a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a business model on the inter-relationship between mindset, experiences, and behavioral outcomes. NLP is used worldwide by top business executives, athletes, and global leaders. Susan has been honored as “Entrepreneur of the Year” and is one of the ‘75 Badass Women on Twitter.’ She hosts Communication Nation on Facebook.

    "The Power of V-4:

    How We Communicate Our Value, Vision, Voice + Vulnerability in a New Era"

    It’s long overdue. Ambitious women are discovering it’s OK—and necessary—to amplify their voice so they can confidently evolve, up-level, and achieve. It’s all about the stories we tell ourselves and others. Award-Winning Communications Strategist Susan Young will show you the “Power of V-4", the process that she has used to re-invent herself in a fun, bold, and heartwarming way. Attendees will: • Discover How to Release Self-Doubt So You Can Share Your Expertise • Learn the Success Model that High-Achievers Use Every Day • Find Out the #1 Way to Share Your Story — and Be a Better Version of You! Success is practically inevitable when you have the right combination of confidence, clarity, and a course of action. The conversations that women bring to todays changing workplace are high-level, influential, and real. Let’s begin now. Let's celebrate you. It’s long overdue.


    "Knowing What You Don't Know:

    Embracing vulnerability, taking risks and finding your voice through your career"

    The workplace can often be a place where people wear masks of perfection. Our panelists share real stories of embracing vulnerability to highlight why taking risks, self expression and stretching yourself is valuable. We hope to spark a trend where men and women embrace a growth mindset. This starts with embracing your vulnerability- no one starts out an expert.

    Jolsna Thomas. Esq.

    President, Board Director

    Rosendin Foundation

    Matt Daniel, LEED AP

    Vice President

    Satterfield and Pontikes

    Holly Crenshaw

    Director of Facilities, Safety & Support Services

    Texas A&M Transportation Institute


    Janki DePalma, LEED AP, CPSM

    Director Business Development

    Kirksey Architecture

    "Energetic Happenstance"

    A nonprofit startup, created to foster energy innovation, support startups and engage wider audiences in critical conversations has to be creative, nimble and very 21st-century. Already a demanding challenge, add a worldwide pandemic and Winter Storm Uri to the mix, and EPIcenter has had quite a ride in its first five years. Join three senior leaders that happen to be female, that happen to span three decades, and happen to be building a new kind of organization to discuss the constant evolution of the organization’s work and their leadership roles. Hear about lessons learned in flexibility, fearlessness and fortuity along the way.

    Andi Littlejohn

    Chief of Energy Incubator & Accelerator


    Jill Vassar

    Director of Development & Partnerships


    Molly Brosier

    Business Development Coordinator


    Liz Thompson

    Chief of Advisory Services



    Aline Yoldi, AIA, RID, LEED AP BD+C

    Project Manager

    B&A Architects

    2022 AIA President

    WORLD CAFE Round Tables:  Examining ourselves, our organizations, and our industry through guided round-table discussions

    Still Evolving


    Sita Lakshminarayan, AIA, LEED, ALEP

    Vice President


    The Power of Self-Investment


    Aly Walters, PHA

    Manager, Talent Strategy


    Applying Your V-4


    Susan Young

    Visibility Strategist & Publicist


    Leading from Your C.O.R.E.


    Dr. Christi Monk



    Member Registration Rates

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    Individual & Corporate Members $175 $150
    Non Profit / Government Members FREE $125
    *Student $25 $25

    Non-Member Registration Rates

    Registration Type 1st Registration 2nd Registration
    Individual or Corporate                      $200 $175
    Non Profit / Government $150 $125
    *Student $50 $50

    *Scholarships available on a first come first serve basis!  

    Please contact Carla Bingaman for more info at:

     (512) 263-5521 or carla.bingaman@i-lincp.org


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