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Our Mission

Evolve the capital projects industry though sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery and performance.

About Us

The Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP) is a non-profit organization currently serving the Texas region to better the capital projects industry. 

Through education, research and development and collaboration, the Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP) is a catalyst and change agent in the capital projects industry. 

We couple supporting industry leaders with bringing solutions to improve the planning, design, delivery, and operations of capital projects.

Our Mission:

Evolve the capital projects industry through sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery, and performance.

We accomplish this through education, research and development, collaborative Forums, and other events, products and services. Download the I-LinCP brochure


To be the leading source for solutions that achieve capital project excellence and performance and that deliver exceptional value to capital project stakeholders.


Agility, collaboration, future vision, innovation, inquiring, respectful, social responsibility

The Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP):

  • Uses inclusive, collaborative methods with a consortium of members who are involved in capital projects and facilities.
  • Offers educational and leadership growth opportunities, including co-learning  between students and professionals.
  • Conducts initiatives and research and development projects that result in more effective and sustainable processes, tools and techniques. 
  • Organizes conferences, discussions, and other knowledge-sharing venues through a variety of technologies and methods.
  • Partners and affiliates with other public, private, and industry organizations and communities to create positive relationships and synergistic outcomes.
Value to Members, Stakeholders, Partners and Communities:
  • I-LinCP members, project stakeholders, organizational partners and communities receive the value from capital projects with less waste in time and fiscal resources, and improved leadership and sustainability.
  • I-LinCP supports other nonprofits, community activities and projects through financial and service resources.
Areas of Focus:
  • Best practices (e.g. Lean)
  • Building effective teams
  • Collaborative processes
  • Communications and accountability
  • Community relations
  • Conflict and dispute resolution
  • Future thinking
  • Industry improvements at the local, state, and national levels
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Pre-project planning
  • Program and project management
  • Project delivery processes (e.g. IPD)
  • Project funding and financing
  • Sustainability, energy efficiency, and green building
  • Tools and technologies (e.g. BIM) Trust-building


Funding for I-LinCP is established through memberships, sponsorships, event registrations, sales of products and services, gifts and grants.

Connecting and Collaborating:

In-person and virtual meetings and gatherings provide opportunities for learning and sharing of ideas and information, lessons-learned, new developments, and formulation of new Initiatives.  These take the form of conferences, such as the already successful LinCP Forums, round-tables, person-to-person meetings and interviews, webinars and conference calls.

Circles of Excellence:

Focused work teams form Circles of Excellence to address industry issues, improve existing processes, invent and refine new tools and techniques, and build new best practices.

Job Board:

Want to share upcoming job opportunities your organization has available?  Members can post positions and job requests.

White Papers and Publications:

White papers and research papers are produced and published, which help establish I-LinCP and its members as expert sources for industry information.

Leadership Opportunities:

Opportunities for leadership are available on the I-LinCP Board and Advisory Council, on committees, and within Circles of Excellence.  Students are encouraged to participate. I-LinCP members and representatives are encouraged to promote I-LinCP work through alternative venues and to speak at related conferences.

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