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Below is the listing of events prior to May 2012.  You can find the list of events after May 2012 on our EVENTS page.

Events prior to May 2012:

4th Annual LinCP Forum, Austin, Texas. Theme: "Plan, Fund, Select/Procure; Proactive Project Planning -Three Essential Elements to Ensure Project Success"

North Texas Regional LinCP Forum, October 25-26, 2011, Dallas, Texas
Theme: "Is LEED Sustainable? What is the Future of Green?"

3rd Annual LinCP Forum, April 4-6, 2011, Austin, Texas
Theme: "Facilitating Change"

East Texas Regional, JUNE 10, 2010, Houston, Texas
. Theme: "Project Planning and Financing"

2nd Annual LinCP Forum, Austin, Texas, Feb. 24-26, 2010

North Texas Regional, October 15-16, 2009, Irving, Texas.  FOCUS:  Project Delivery Processes

South Texas Regional, June 18-19, 2009, San Antonio, Texas

First Annual Forum, February 27, 2009, Austin, Texas

The Origin of I-LinCP
by Carol M. Warkoczewski, AIA, Founder and Chief Vision Officer

I conceived of the LinCP Forum in early 2008 as I contemplated the question, "What would it look like if the key stakeholder constituents involved in capital projects got together to talk about contemporary design and construction issues in a collaborative way?"

You see, as an architect, project manager, and executive at various architectural firms and the University of Texas System, I was involved in the conception, planning, design, construction, and management of many major projects.  As well, my work as a consultant and project process facilitator has brought me into the midst of the planning and delivery of over 80 wide-ranging capital projects.

During the process of Partnering, the key project stakeholders discuss project goals, team values and behaviors, effective communications, expectations, and project issues, but always focused on a specific project.  So, I wondered if it would be of value to invite a "few" of my clients and project participants to a "conversation" that was industry-focused, rather than project focused. As I bounced this idea off some of my clients, I received warm encouragement.  Thus, the first Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP) Forum was born.

After the first LinCP Forum in February, 2009, I was encouraged to form a nonprofit organization and to take the Forums around Texas. The Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP) was formed as a Texas nonprofit corporation in January, 2010 and gained nonprofit 501-c-3 status in May, 2011.

We now have I-LinCP chapters in Texas, and expect to go nation-wide in 2015, spreading our mission to:

Evolve the capital projects industry through sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery, and performance.

Thanks for your support!

Carol M. Warkoczewski, AIA, MSOLE, City Architect, City of San Antonio; Founder, Board Chair, and Chief Vision Officer, Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP)

2nd Annual LinCP Forum, Austin, Texas, Feb. 24-26, 2010

  • Keynote Presentation (2/24):   Ms. Barbara White Bryson, FAIA MBA, Associate Vice President of Facilities Engineering and Planning, Rice University, “The Owner’s Dilemma”
  • Keynote Presentation (2/25):  Mr. Jack Lowe, Founder and Board Chair, TDIndustries, “Building Organizational Leadership”
Topic #1 -Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Mike Holeman, Texas Facilities Commission - Facilities Design & Construction
Benton Wheatley,  Coats/Rose (Austin)

  • Mike Holeman,  Texas Facilities Commission - Facilities Design & Construction
  • Robert Ferguson, Boyken International, a Hill International Company
  • Paulette  Gibbins, Walter P Moore
  • Benton Wheatley,  Coats/Rose (Austin)

Topic  #2 - Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
James Salmon, Collaborative Construction
Arlee Monson, SmithGroup/F&S

  • Vergel Gay, Texas A&M University, Facilities Planning and Construction
  • Arlee Monson, SmithGroup/F&S
  • Joe Dirik, Fulbright & Jaworski (Dallas)
  • James Salmon, Collaborative Construction
  • Leland Rocchio, Lyda Swinerton

Topic #3 - Leadership Built to Last
Fred Raley, SpawGlass
Michael J. English, Michael J. English and Assoc.

  • Michael Boyle, City of Austin- Program Management Office
  • Jack Lowe,  TDIndustries
  • Fred Raley, President/CEO, SpawGlass
  • Darrell Pearson, PBK Architects
  • Michael J. English, Michael J. English and Assoc.

Topic #4 - Lean Practices for Design and Construction
Andrew Quirk, SKANSKA
Anita Moran, WHR Architects

  • Anita Moran, WHR Architects
  • Scott Evans, HOAR PM
  • Andrew Quirk, SKANSKA
  • Mark Linenberger, Linbeck

North Texas Regional, October 15-16, 2009, Irving, Texas:  
FOCUS:  Project Delivery Processes
  • Opening Presentation: David Bowlin, Director of Operations (Broaddus & Associates), Randall Reaves, Sr. Architect and Attorney (Gensler), “Cost, Schedule, Quality and the Law – Ramifications of Alternative Project Delivery,”
  • Presenter:  Mark Conover, Corporate Risk Manager (DPR Construction), “Integrated Project Delivery – Fundamental Concepts and Key Contract Issues”
Topic #1 – Owner’s Point of View:
  • Bob Lovitt, Vice President Finance and Operations, (Lamar University)
  • Eric Short, Director Program Management Support Services (University of Texas System-OFPC)
  • Vergel Gay, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Planning and Construction (Texas A&M System)

Topic #2 – Construction Manager at Risk:
  • Eric Short, Director of Program Management Support Services (UT System-OFPC)
  • Mike Lanier,  Vice President (HOAR)
  • Matt Daniel, Vice President (Skanska)

Topic #3– Design-Build:
  • Robert Ferguson, Director of Operations-Houston (Boyken)
  • Joel Stone, Vice President and Regional Manager (SpawGlass)
  • Ron Luman, Vice President (Rees-Associates)

Topic #4 – Competitive Sealed Proposals:
  • Rob Roy Parnell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities (Texas State University System)
  • Larry Gonda, Chief Estimator (Hensel Phelps)
  • Don Hensley, Principal-Texas Higher Ed (SHW Group)

South Texas Regional, June 18-19, 2009, San Antonio, Texas:
  • Keynote Speaker: Peter E. Graves, Vice Chancellor for Contract Administration, Texas State University System, “A Contractor, an Owner, and an Architect – An Update on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Texas Legislature Impacts on Texas’ Capital Projects”
  • Presenter:  Jason Choyce, Project Executive, DPR Construction, “Challenges and Successes of Higher Education Green Project Delivery”
Topic #1 – Project Communication:
  • Richard Zamora, Project Manager, UT-San Antonio
  • Bob Phillips, Operations Manager, Hensel Phelps
  • Mike Lackey, Program Director-Higher Education, Parsons

Topic #2 – Green Project Delivery:
  • James Michael, AIA
  • Peter Narvarte, Flintco
  • Andrew Herdeg, Lake Flato Architects

Topic #3 – Project Leadership:
  • Garrett Sullivan, San Antonio NE Independent School District
  • John Devaney, SpawGlass
  • Chuck Larosche, WJE

First Annual Forum, February 27, 2009, Austin, Texas:
  • Keynote Speaker: Peter E. Graves, Vice Chancellor for Contract Administration, Texas State University System, “An Owner, a Contractor, and an Architect”
  • Presenter:  Norma Barr, Barr & Barr Communications Consulting, “Solution-driven Leadership from the Corps of Engineers”
Topic #1 - BUDGET:
  • Dave Dixon, Executive Director - Program Management, U. T. System- Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
  • Mark Pearce,   , Flintco, Inc.
  • Larry Lord, Principal, Lord, Aeck & Sargent Architecture

  • Steve Kraal, Sr. Associate V.P., Office of Campus Planning and Facilities, U. T. Austin
  • Tom Fisher, Vice President Southwest District Manager, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
  • Patrick Bumpas, Vice President, REES Architects

Topic #3 – SCHEDULE:
  • Allen Goldapp – Associate V. P. for Facilities Service, Midwestern State University
  • Joel Stone, Vice President, Regional Manager, SpawGlass Contractor
  • Mike Lackey, Program Director, Higher Education, Parsons

Topic #4 – LEADERSHIP:
  • Mike Ellicott, Vice Chancellor, Texas Tech University System
  • Jason Choyce, Project Executive-Higher Education, DPR Construction, Inc.
  • Andrew Herdeg, Design Architect, LakeFlato Architects

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