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Our Mission

Evolve the capital projects industry though sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.  Can you give me a brief overview of I-LinCP and the benefits of joining?

  • The I-LinCP organization is a nonprofit, but more importantly, is impartial and non-biased in that it brings the facility owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and sub-contractors together to discuss and address issues and changes that are facing our industry. There is certainly an educational value since we have all the players represented equally, and no one stakeholder group is put above any other.
  • An example of our uniqueness is provided from a partner in an architectural firm who attended a LinCP Forum for his first time, and this person was a fairly critical person when it comes to attending conventions and forums.  After attending, he indicated that the attendees were all well-rounded in the current issues facing construction, the discussion was very informative and open, and he met many owners in an intimate way, since the Forums encourage discussions and are relatively small (no more than 120 people).  He also noted that people seemed to be open about discussing the issues and were actually encouraging in a very creative way.  He also indicated that it was fun and he made some really good connections with many people in the industry.   
  • I-LinCP has the opportunity to positively influence how we do our work and the outcomes of capital projects. We look to our Board and members to provide guidance on our goals and the industry issues we address.

2.  How do you pronounce "I-LinCP"?

  • The Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP) acronym is pronounced, "i-link-up."  It is descriptive of what we do... we link-up all those who work in, around, or are affected by capital projects.  
3.  Do you have any R&D types of projects?
  • We form small groups of people who are interested in focusing on specific issues or ideas. The ideas for these Circles of Excellence are drawn out of interests expressed by members and nonmembers as well as events and LinCP Forums.
4.  What types of memberships do you offer?
  • You can be either an individual member or a corporate/company or nonprofit member.
  • We also have student memberships.
  • Whether you join at the individual or corporate/nonprofit level, we think our membership dues structure is a small investment for the value you receive.
  • Please see detailed information here.
5.  What kinds of events do you organize?
  • We have many ideas for different types of events and gatherings, but currently organize three key types of events throughout the year:
a.  Annual Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP) Forums: These are typically 1 1/2 day, held around Texas.

b.  Monthly Chapter events:  Include educational luncheons, project tours, and networking events. Our goal is to provide opportunities for I-LinCP members and non-members to network as well as to provide learning opportunities. For instance, we may hold events at a local
 museum and provide a tour, with networking after. 
c.  All events provide continuing education credits.  I-LinCP is an official AIA Learning Unit provider. 

6. Is there anything else you'd like to tell me? 
  • I-LinCP provides a great place to network with other people, and more importantly have an opportunity to listen to what facility owners, other project stakeholders, and your peers really need and want, and the problems and concerns they are facing in their work lives.
  • We really dig into issues to better understand root causes and look for and find lasting solutions.  
  • We practice what we preach and facilitate our events in a very collaborative manner.

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