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Ten Industry Issues are I-LinCP focus for 2011-2012

September 02, 2010 2:09 PM | Carol Warkoczewski (Administrator)
Held in Bastrop, Texas on August 31, the Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP), strategic planning meeting, attended by the Board of Directors, produced a set of ten industry issues that will be focused on during 2011-2012.

During a day of lively and collaborative  conversation, it was decided that some of these issues will be themes for LinCP Forums, others will be topics for shorter events, and others may become initiatives, or folded into Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP Forums) as sub-topics. 

Other products and services may also be developed to further the I-LinCP mission to promote leadership, excellence, predictability and sustainability in the planning, design, delivery and operation of capital projects through education, research and development, collaborative Forums, and other events, products and services.

Ten Industry Issues:

 1.  Facilitation of Change - Theme for the 2011 Annual LinCP Forum - What's changing and why, integrated practices, seeking a world view, IPD in Texas, how change affects our industry and each stakeholder group
 2.  Integrated Practice  - IPD and "IPD-ish," legalities, Texas legislation, working with associations, pros and cons for/from stakeholders
 3.  BIM  - defining, delivering, digging deeper, 6-D, what Owners want/need, challenges to delivering, after the project is turned over, legalities
 4.  Insurance Programs - options, selecting, differences and benefits
 5.  Facilities and Program Management Technologies - Are providers delivering what's really needed? Promises vs. reality
 6.  Sustainability - Review new Texas standards, sustainability without LEED, project examples, other ways to "grade" sustainability, defining what's needed
 7.  Sub-contractor's Perspective - Needed in general, and especially with integrated teams
 8.  Dispute Resolution Processes - Preventing, dealing with disputes, recovering from a dispute
 9.  Financing Projects for State-funded Entities - getting $'s, process of where money comes from and how decisions are made, Public-private partnerships, stories of successes and failures
 10.  Construction Delivery Methods - Can include IPD, public-private-partnerships, CM@risk, etc.  Need more focus on how to do/not do CM@R, selecting the best delivery for the project

Upcoming events are:
  • November 4, 2010: Social Event, Austin, Texas
  • February 23-25, 2011: 3rd Annual Leadership in Capital Projects (LinCP) Forum, Austin, Texas
I-LinCP Membership is now open!

To provide input or to assist at events or on committees, please contact Carol Warkoczewski at:
Email: cwarkoczewski@yahoo.com
Tel: (512) 263-5521

Carol is the Founder, Executive Director and Board Chair of I-LinCP.

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