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Our mission: Evolve the capital projects industry through sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery and performance.

Past President, 2016:

Mike Trimble, Capital Planning Officer, City of Austin

Mike Trimble has over 18 years of experience in public management and administration, serving government from both the public and private sectors. As a management consultant, Mr. Trimble worked on several projects to improve strategic planning, organizational management and performance for both state and local government clients across the country. He also served as a senior executive with Travis County where he oversaw and implemented several improvements for the County’s criminal and juvenile justice systems, including facilities improvements and bond program planning initiatives.

Mr. Trimble joined the City of Austin in 2007 to work on capital projects delivery improvements with the Public Works Department. He was appointed Director of the city’s Contract and Land Management Department in 2008 where he oversaw CIP procurement and program management functions, including alternate delivery contract development. In 2010, he was chosen by the City Manager to head the newly created Capital Planning Office, whose mission is to ensure that the City’s Capital Improvement Program fits with the goal of best managed by being planned, coordinated, and implemented effectively. Most recently, the Capital Planning Office led the City’s 2012 bond development process and will be conducting program management and oversight of the City’s G.O. bond programs to ensure successful delivery.

Past-President, 2015: 

Jodi Bole, Principal, DataCom Design Group

Jodi is the founder of DataCom Design Group, LLC, a technology consulting and design firm headquartered in Austin, with offices in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. She has been the Principal-in-Charge on more than 200 capital improvement projects, including large, complex technology engagements nationwide. Jodi has been an Austin resident for 22 years and President of DataCom Design Group since 1999. She is an enthusiastic business leader, committed to the advancement of capital project professionals, sustainable building design, and community involvement.

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